Friday, June 26, 2015

Stop, Drop, and Roll!

It's all about fire safety this week!  Our kiddos love to pretend to be firefighters and are fascinated with firetrucks!  Every classroom made their own firetruck artwork!

One classroom used their hand-prints to make "fire" and then completed their project by making it look like they were putting out a fire in a building!
Of course, we have to talk about Sparky, the fire dog!  Several classrooms put 7 (our number of the week) spots on Sparky!  Another classroom made a cute mask to make themselves look like Sparky!
We also did a neat science experiment this week to show the children that without oxygen, the flame goes out.  The teacher lit the candle and then put the jar on top of it and the children enjoyed watching it slowly burn out.  Pre-K took it one step further by trying the experiment with 2 different sized jars to see which one burnt out quicker.  Then, they put the bottom half of the candle in water, placed the jar on top and watched the jar fill with water.  Such a neat visual!
We are so lucky that one of our dads at the school is a Fire Chief!  On Thursday, he brought over his firetruck and fellow firefighters to share some fire safety tips and show us the firetruck!  The children loved getting to sit inside the firetruck! 
This little guy was putting on his seat belt and ready to go!

They also demonstrated what a firefighter would look like in the case of a fire so that the children would not be afraid of them.  They explained that they are there to help and what the children should do when they see them.  We also talked about "Stop, Drop, and Roll", "Get Low and Go", and the importance of having a meeting place. 
The children did such a great job listening and learning about fire safety.  We can't thank our special visitors enough!
Waving goodbye to the firetruck!
We practiced "Stop, Drop, and Roll" throughout the week but after the firefighters left, we made sure to practice "Get Low and Go"!
We have some pretty cute firefighters at Sunflower Station Preschool!
Our cooking project for this week was to make a firetruck for their snack!  They had to use their imagination while creating a delicious afternoon snack!
The letter of the week was "u" so we had several "u is for umbrella" masterpieces throughout the building!  Another class made fish hand-prints while they talked about other words that start with "u", like underwater!  With these temperatures outside, I think we would all like to play in the rain without an umbrella or take a nice dip underwater!
Triangle was our shape this week.  They made some triangle collages and one classroom made theirs look like a fire!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Doughnuts with Dad!!!

On Friday, we set aside a special time to honor our dads!  We so enjoy them coming to visit with us while they enjoy a doughnut with their sweet little one.  We have some of the most kind and thoughtful dads so we are so glad we get to celebrate them!
Throughout the week, the children worked hard on making something special for their dads.  They really enjoy working on these projects and are so excited to give it to their dad on Friday.  We sure hope the dads enjoy their gifts!
Happy Father's Day!  We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and feel extra special!