Friday, August 28, 2015


I'm not sure who loves this week more- the kids or the teachers!  It definitely shows through all the neat activities!  For art projects, they stamped dinosaur tracks, turned their fingerprints into dinosaurs, painted sunsets with silhouettes of dinosaurs, and created lots of dinosaurs, including some that were made up of shapes as a great math activity!
dinosaurs math preschool
Pre-K had a big discussion at Circle Time about the dinosaurs coming back.  They then compiled their results on a chart as to if they would want the dinosaurs to come back or not.
dinosaurs Pre-Kindergarten
One classroom made fossils while another classroom made dinosaur eggs!  When they took the eggs home, they could crack them open and find a dinosaur inside!
Take a look at the transformation of this classroom by the end of the week!  What an awesome volcano and so many neat dinosaur projects!
For our cooking project, the children made Gum Drop Dinosaurs.  They seemed to be quite the treat!
We also talked a lot about our letter of the week.  Classrooms made dogs, donuts, ducks, and dinosaurs (even though they used lowercase to make it work-ha)!  We can't forget about our number of the week as well!  One classroom painted the number 4 and then added 4 dots to their artwork!

Friday, August 21, 2015

My Body

We are learning about our bodies this week!  We are talking about our arms, eyes, feet, fingers, etc.- even our spinal cord!  Pre-K made a visual representation of a spinal cord using lifesavers!
To incorporate some math, a few classes measured their foot using a ruler, then traced their shoe, and finally put 1" squares inside to show the measurement.
The children had fun tracing their bodies and then decorating them!
We even pretended to take x-rays and study them! 
We also focused on our 5 senses this week and there were some really neat activities that took place.  One class made a 5 senses bear craft.  You could hear the bells on his ears, feel the different textures, smell and even taste the cinnamon gum used for the tongue, and of course see him all put together!  The 3 year old class got to experiment with Pop Rocks.  They talked about how with this unique candy, you can see it, feel it, smell it, taste it, and as you are tasting- you can hear it!
5 senses bear childcare
The letter "C" was EVERYWHERE this week!  We had caterpillars, chameleons, cookies, and clouds!  I sure do love all the reinforcement of our letter of the week!

Friday, August 14, 2015

All About Me

As we are learning about our new friends in our class, we took this week to talk and share about ourselves!  For a science activity, several classrooms took a look at their own fingerprints and how they are all different and unique from everyone else!
Our Pre-K class talked about their families and even showed their artistic abilities by drawing all the members of their family.  They were pretty stinkin' cute!  :) 
Pre-K families
How fun are these?!  This class recreated themselves!  It's always a neat thing to see how children view themselves! 
We also had our Open House Meet 'N Greet this week.  The children all made different things for their parents to take home and store their art work in for the school year.  Pre-K made backpacks with facts about themselves on it and the other classrooms decorated pizza boxes!  We had a great time visiting with parents and getting everyone acquainted and ready for the new school year!
Open House Meet 'N Greet preschool
 The 2's focused on the shape and color of the week by putting yellow circles inside of bigger circles!
For the letter of the week, the children made "B is for Bee" (of course!) and Banana Bread for their cooking project.  I was able to sneak a bite because Banana Bread is one of my favorites and let me tell you, they did a great job!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Back to School

Welcome back to school!  We are so excited about having new faces in our classrooms from either those that have moved up to a new class or those that are new to our Sunflower Station family!  This week is all about getting to know each other, the classrooms, the rules, etc.  Of course, we also want to instill some pride in our school with some sunflower art work!
With the kick off of our school year, comes starting our alphabet back at the beginning!  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is the best way to get it going!
We are also getting to know each other including learning each others names.  The Pre-K class did an activity to count the letters in everyone's names.
Of course, we are starting with the letter "A" this week.  The children made "A is for Alligator" as well as apples!  We also had some fun with our shape of the week by making a triangle collage.  For the color of the week, several classrooms made their own GREEN play-dough!
Our teachers have done an AMAZING job getting ready for the new school year!  Check out their adorable Bulletin Boards!
 One classroom decorated their classroom door with some goals for the children in their classroom!