Wednesday, October 26, 2011


With the cooler temperatures and the leaves beginning to change colors, it's time to learn about Fall!  The children enjoyed looking at the leaves and noticing all the different colors they were seeing in the trees.  They talked about why the leaves change colors and did many activities with leaves this week.
Making a beautiful leaf imprint!
Coloring leaves all the different colors they saw in a tree!
Cutting out leaves!
Counting out leaves to add to the branches of the tree
Of course, we have to have some fun with Scarecrows in the Fall!  The children made a scarecrow from all the different shapes they have learned about!

The letter of the week was "K".  The children made "K is for Kangaroo" as an art activity.  They also made their very own "Kicky Kangaroo Kabobs"! 
Making a perfect Kabob!
 Now, we are ready for Fall! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Down on the Farm

Last week, we learned all about the farm!  The children pretended to be several different farm animals and did a variety of activities as well.
Putting 10 cotton balls on the sheep
for our number of the week!
Having fun with her Duck Mask!
For a science experiment, the children turned whipping cream into butter to spread over bread.  During this process, they learned how cows help in making butter.
Shaking up the whipping cream to make some butter!
The cooking activity was "Pigs in a Blanket".  The children talked about pigs and learned how to make a classic, tasty treat!

Our letter for the week was "J".  The children did several projects to practice the letter "J" and came up with other words that also start with "J".
"J is for Jaguar"
10 Jelly Beans in a jar
 We also finally got to release our butterflies!  We have been watching them for several weeks as they went through the life cycle from caterpillar to butterfly.  The children had so much fun watching their butterflies flutter around on our playground and eventually fly out of sight!
Waving goodbye to the butterflies!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Since the weather is really beginning to change, we focused on weather this week.  The children learned about many different types of weather.  They made a weather dial to use as they check the weather outside and move the arrow to the correct area.
Pretty excited about coloring her weather dial!
After talking about snow, the 2 year olds had a "snowball fight"!
Looks like they had some fun with this!
 The children also took a look at the clouds in the sky during recess and imagined that the clouds were different objects.  While outside, they experimented with streamers to see when and which way the wind was blowing.

As the children made a weather mobile, they reviewed all of the different weather terms they had discussed throughout the week.  We may have some future meteorologists!
Tying the mobile together
The letter "I" created several fun activities as well!  Of course, we had to talk about Ice Cream!
"I is for Ice Cream"
The cooking activity this week reinforced the letter "I".  The children made Ice Cream Pudding Pie! YUM!
It must have been finger-licking good! :)