Monday, February 27, 2012

President's Day

This week the children learned about why we celebrate President's Day and why our Presidents are so very important.  They talked about some unique things about our most famous Presidents like George Washington and the cherry tree and also Abraham Lincoln's log cabins and top hat.

They also spent some time talking about money because after all, that's a great place to see pictures of some of our Presidents.  The Pre-K children did a "Lincoln Toss" where they flipped a penny and made a chart to show if the penny landed on heads or tails.  Other classrooms took some coins and sorted them by size, color, and by the actual coin.

They also did an experiment by cleaning the pennies.  It was interesting to see how much better the vinegar cleaned the pennies than just plain water!
We did several activities with the letter of the week as well- C!  Some classes made "C is for Cat" and others made "C is for Chamelon".  The children also made Cherry Coke Salad for their cooking project!

 We hope you had a great President's Day and remembered those that have done so much for our country!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunflower Station Preschool was full of love this week as we talked about Valentine's Day and friendship!  The children did precious crafts to give to their parents as Valentines. 
I love you to pieces!
From the bottom of my heart, to the tips of my toes,
I love you beary much!
 We also enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of Valentine's Day parties!  The children exchanged Valentines, had wonderful treats and sweets, and played some games!

Looks like the cupcakes were really yummy!  :)

Doing a Valentine Bean Bag Toss!
Aside from all the fun we had with Valentine's Day, we of course had to squeeze in all of our academics as well!
Number match-up with hearts
b is for butterfly
They made binoculars for the letter b!
Squishing the strawberries and bananas
Mmmmm....Banana & Berry Delicious Toast!
 We had a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day here and hope you did too!! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Black History

This week, we took the time to learn about African Americans that helped to make our world a better place.  The children learned about several different inventions that were made and how important they are to society. 
George Washington Carver found many uses
for peanuts and made peanut butter!
Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light to keep us safe when driving.
 We also spent some time talking about how we should all be friends and work together.  The children created a beautiful wreath of hands to symbolize this.

There were also some great activities going on with our main skills for the week!  Take a look-
Seven Sunny Sunflowers with 7 petals and seeds!
Using a dot marker to work on the letter 7
a is for apple!
Playing with yellow playdough!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Oh no- six more weeks of winter!  We are so sad that the groundhog saw his shadow but we did have a lot of fun learning about groundhogs and shadows this week.  We actually have a groundhog that hangs around the building next door so we have gotten to see one up close and personal!
The children did so many neat activities this week that had to do with groundhogs.
Such a cute little groundhog!
They made groundhogs that "pop up" from the ground to look for their shadow.
They also learned a cute little song to sing as they played with it!
For dramatic play, they pretended to be groundhogs and hid in their "burrows".
 The letter this week was Z.  The children had some fun talking about Zebras!

Z is for Zebra!
While making their Zebras, they practiced lacing too!
Practicing writing Z's.
Doing the cooking project- Zebra sweets!
Enjoying what they cooked!  They sure look yummy!
 We hope you bundle up for the next six weeks of winter!