Friday, January 30, 2015

Safety First

We are focusing on Safety this week!  We are talking about being safe in traffic, what to do in an emergency, things that are safe and unsafe, etc.  They also had some fun with "Mr. Yuk" who would help them decide if different items were okay for them to eat or not.
 Mr. Yuk Sunflower Station Preschool
For some movement activities, several classrooms played Red Light, Green Light!  Our Pre-K class did a number jump to practice learning their phone numbers in case they ever needed to call their parents or relay it to another adult in case of an emergency.
number jump daycare
Our color of the week was green!  The 3's got a little messy mixing together blue and yellow to make a big green blob!
We are finishing our capital letters this week as we have finally made it to the end of the alphabet!  We of course made "Z is for Zebra" and also made "Zebra Treats" for our cooking project!
Z is for Zebra childcare

Friday, January 23, 2015


In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we are talking about Leaders this week and how important they are to our community!  We spent a lot of time learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his great contributions.  The children created their own Dream Clouds with their dream on them.  The 1 year olds made a birthday cake for Martin Luther King, Jr. with 5 candles which is our number of the week!
Martin Luther King preschool
We also talked about everyone being equal and having peace amongst us.  The 3 year olds made Doves of Peace using their hand prints while the 2 year olds glued on small pieces of white paper to make their doves!
 Several of our rooms made Peace Wreaths with all of their hands to show that they could play together and love one another!
Leaders Sunflower Station
 Our Pre-K class did a neat activity in which the children painted their hand a certain color and then shook hands with a friend who had a different color paint on their hand.  They then did hand prints on a big piece of paper and wrote notes to Dr. Martin Luther King to thank him!
A week is never complete without activities with our letter of the week!  We made "Y is for Yak" as an art project and one classroom even made Yaks from their hand prints!
 Y is for Yak Huntsville

Friday, January 16, 2015

Animals in Winter

We are having fun learning about winter animals and what they do to survive the cold temperatures!  The children always love to talk about animals and they did some really neat art projects to go along!  From penguins to bears to snow birds, we tried to cover them all!
 Animals in Winter daycare
The 2 year olds really enjoyed talking about how bears spend time in their cave!  They even pretended to be bears one day as they hid under the tables!
As the children learned about how some animals have blubber to keep them warm, we created a science experiment so that the children could see what it is like.  We used ziplocs and Crisco to create a "glove of blubber".  We then had the children put one had in the glove and then stick both hands in the ice cold water to see which hand stayed warmer.  It's safe to say, they liked the blubber better!  
Our letter of the week was "X".  There aren't too many words that our little guys can use that start with "X" but we did have fun making and playing Xylophones!
On a side note, our teachers have created very cute bulletin boards for winter!  One with snowmen who hope they don't melt and the other with "Southern Snowmen" who have already melted!
 snowmen childcare

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sports and Fitness

Since so many of us start the New Year with a goal of getting fit, we are talking about Sports and Fitness this week!  The children are learning how to play several different sports and having fun with some art projects!  The Waddlers got messy painting with brown and then turned it into their own football!
A neat Math activity for number recognition!
 The children had a great time playing different sports like hockey, bowling, soccer, etc.  Several of the children really amazed us with their coordination!
Who says Math can't be fun?!  Such a great way to show their bowling scores!
This week, our letter was "W".  Some classrooms did "W is for Winter" while others did worms and watermelon!  Wouldn't it be nice for it to be summer so we could enjoy some watermelon?!