Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Around the World

We are talking about Christmas Around the World this week and one of our stops is Germany where we are learning about their traditions with Gingerbread houses and men!  For our cooking project this week, we tried our own Gingerbread Men!

Next stop is Mexico, where we learned about how they use Pinatas and Poinsettias to celebrate!
Of course we have to learn about the Nutcracker as we pass through Russia!
The children had so much fun putting their shoes in the hallway before nap and waking up to find treats in their shoes!

We even learned about holidays celebrated at this time!
Such a fun display of some of the "stops" our Pre-K class made as they traveled the world!
The children could not understand how Christmas is Australia is celebrated in the Summer!  How fun!
Since we are in the Christmas spirit, "S" has to be for Santa!

Friday, December 4, 2015


Since it's cold outside, we are having some fun inside with art projects that make us say "Brrrrrrr!"
Winter art is even better when we pull Math and Language Arts in as well!
The kiddos had lots of fun with hands on activities!
It's a Winter Wonderland at Sunflower Station!  Our cooking project was Snowman biscuits.

R is for Rudolph, of course!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

This has been a short and busy week for us!  We have squeezed a lot of activities, projects, and fun into just two days!  Of course, we spent more time this week talking about what we are thankful for.  We definitely have a LOT to be thankful for!
Our 2 year old made their own Indian hats and I have to say, they are the cutest Indians I've ever seen!
It wouldn't be the week of Thanksgiving without talking about turkeys some more!
All of our children made special gifts for their parents for Thanksgiving.  They always do such a great job on these projects!
Thanksgiving gifts daycare
For our cooking project, the children made Cranberry Pineapple Salad to share with our parents at our Thanksgiving Lunch for a yummy dessert!
We even found a way to squeeze in our letter of the week with "Q is for Quilt"!
On Tuesday, we invited all of our parents to join us for Thanksgiving lunch.  With the help of Mrs. Renee (our cook) and some family members, we successfully served a full Thanksgiving lunch to a little over 125 people (our children and their parents)!  It was quite the task but the parents seemed to love it!  Mrs. Renee did a FABULOUS job, as always, in preparing a wonderful lunch for us to enjoy together!
Thanksgiving lunch Sunflower Station Preschool
Thanksgiving childcare Huntsville, AL
Serving up the Cranberry Pineapple Salad for dessert that the children made!
  We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving and get to spend time with family and friends!  We are so very thankful for each of you!  KEEP CALM AND GOBBLE ON!