Friday, July 31, 2015

Wacky Water Week

It's the end of our Summer Program and we are finishing with a SPLASH!!  Before we have all the fun that Wacky Water Week brings, we have to learn about the water cycle, the different places we find water, the uses, etc.  Pre-K did a neat art project to learn about the water cycle and then they also made a rain cloud in their classroom.
One class had fun with painting and then adding water to watch what happens to the paint.  It was a very neat science and art project and they all turned out so unique!
water paint art Huntsville, AL
 The 3 year olds made their own ponds with lily pads and all as they learned about different places we might find water!
We couldn't wait until Water Play Day to have some fun in the water so we kicked it off in the classroom!
Now for some fun on the playground for our Water Play Day!

Water play day Sunflower Station
The week is never complete without activities with our letter of the week.  The children made zebras and zippers!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Welcome to the Circus!

Sometimes it feels like everyday here is a circus!  :)   This week, we are truly pretending to be at the circus!  The children made clown masks to really look the part!  Of course, it wouldn't be the circus without some delicious treats like cotton candy and popcorn!
Our 2 year olds practiced walking the tightrope!  Such a fun activity and a chance to work on their balance!  Even the Waddlers got in on some of the circus activities like matching balloons by color and "jumping through the hoop"!
circus daycare

For a science experiment, the Pre-K class made Elephant Toothpaste!
Even with all the fun at the circus, we still focused on our letter of the week- "y".  The children covered their "y" with yarn, especially yellow yarn!
We also made some delicious Yogurt Pops!  They were the perfect cold treat for all these hot days!  I think they were quite the hit!
yogurt pops childcare

Friday, July 17, 2015

We All Scream for Ice Cream!!

I scream! You scream!  We all scream for ICE CREAM!!!  Who doesn't love ice cream?!  This Sunday is National Ice Cream Day so we are taking the week to have some fun with one of our favorite treats!  We did lots of fun crafts including practicing spelling their names with scoops of ice cream!
ice cream names daycare
This is one of my favorite projects!  The children have so much fun making their own sundaes and they look real by the time they are done!
The Pre-K class took a vote to decide their favorite ice cream and made a chart with their results!  Looks like Strawberry was the winner!
Pre-K favorite ice cream
The week is never complete without talking about our letter of the week.  The children made "x is for xylophone and x-ray". 
We hope you enjoy some ice cream this weekend in honor of National Ice Cream Day!  YUM!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Aloha! It's Time for a Luau!

We are headed to the beach this week!  We will be pretending to be in Hawaii and getting ready for a Luau!  Several classrooms made surf boards and of course, fish!
We also made our own floral leis for the children to wear.  They had fun making these and it was great practice for their fine motor skills!
For a sensory activity, the 3 year olds played with "watermelon" in a bag!
The Pre-K class made Hawaiian punch play-dough!  It smelled delicious and was edible! 
We definitely have some kiddos that look super cute sporting their Hawaiian gear! 
On Friday, we had a Water Play Day!  After all, we can't pretend to be in Hawaii for the week without playing in the water! 
Since our letter of the week was "w", we of course had fun talking about watermelon!  Pre-K even made their "w" into a Watermelon and put it in a Wagon!