Friday, February 22, 2013

President's Day

We hope you were able to enjoy your day off!  In honor of President's Day, Sunflower Station children learned about some of our Presidents.  Some classes made a cherry tree when they talked about George Washington.  Other classes created a log cabin or Lincoln's top hat!  The children also talked about coins since some of our President's are on them.  They did coin sorts, a science experiment in cleaning them, and even played a game!
This week also marks the start of talking about our lowercase letters since we have gone ALL the way through with our uppercase letters. 
Of course, "a is for apple"!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air this week as we talk about all the special people in our lives like our family and friends!  We have had so many fun activities going on this week. The children did several math activities this week with conversation hearts such as sorting them by color, counting them out to match a certain number, and some even talked about the symmetry of the yummy candies!
Each classroom had a different project going on as they made a little sentiment for their parents. 
Having fun making light pink paint by mixing it with their hands!
The next step was to put their hand prints on a card.
We wrapped up the week with a wonderful Valentine's Day Party!  The children exchanged valentines, enjoyed yummy treats, and many of the classrooms did a fun activity or a game.

Doing a craft with mom!

The 3 year olds enjoyed playing musical chairs!
Taking a swing at the Pinata!

New Playground!!!

We are busting with excitement to show you our NEW playground!! It has finally been installed, the concrete has dried, and the weather is actually nice enough for us to get outside!  The kids were so anxious to get out there and overwhelmed at all the new things they could do!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Black History

Since February is Black History month, we spent this week learning about the important men and women that made such an impact.  The children learned about Garret Morgan who invented the traffic light, Elijah McCoy who created a device to improve railroad trains, George Washington Carver who found many uses of peanuts, and many more amazing people!  The 2 year old classroom even did a play about Rosa Parks!
The children made a traffic light for their
cooking project in honor of Garret Morgan.
Groundhog's Day was last Saturday, February 2nd so we also did some fun activities with groundhogs!  The children made a little puppet and learned a fun song too!  We are all thankful that an early Spring is headed our way!  Aren't you?!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Safety First!

We are putting Safety First here at Sunflower Station!  We have learned about traffic signs and the safe way to cross a road.  The children talked about the differences in things that are safe for you and those that can be dangerous.  Our letter of the week was X so the children made their very own Xylophone Cakes for their cooking project!

They really turned out so cute and I heard they were quite delicious!