Friday, February 20, 2015

President's Day

This week we are learning about our Presidents in honor of President's Day!  The Pre-K class practiced quill writing but I think we all agree that it's much easier to use a pen or pencil!
quill writing Pre-K
We also spent a good bit of time talking about the presidents that are on coins and dollar bills.  The children sorted and counted coins and then did a Science Experiment to clean the pennies.  They observed coins in water with dish soap, vinegar, and just water.  Of course, the vinegar and soapy water worked the best!

The children had fun making a "log cabin" by putting the popsicle sticks in order.  They also measured their height against Abraham Lincoln and compared to see who was the shortest in their class and the tallest.
President's Day preschool
The story of George Washington and the cherry tree is always a lot of fun!  They made their own cherry tree using their hands and fingerprints.  The 2 year old classroom made a little change to the song "Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?" by singing "Who Chopped Down the Cherry Tree?"  It was too cute!
The 3 year olds made their silhouettes to display in their room.  It was so neat to try to figure out who each silhouette was!
Of course, the week wouldn't be complete without showing our pride in our great nation! 
Our letter of week was "c"!  We had "c" is for clouds, caterpillars, and cat!  The 2 year olds did a neat activity to include clouds, circles, and cars!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunflower Station is full of love this week!  We are spending this week talking about Friendship and getting ready for Valentine's Day!  We've had so much fun with LOTS of art projects this week!  They've done I Love You in sign language, Love Monsters, color recognition activity, name puzzles, painting, practicing their names- the list goes on! Take a look!
The Waddlers made a Friendship Flower by each making their own petal to make up the flower!
Conversation Hearts lead to some great Math and color recognition activities!  The Pre-K class color sorted their conversation hearts into a chart and talked about which color they had the most of and which they had the least of.  Even our little guys got in on the action by naming what colors the candies were!
Our letter of the week was "b".  We had butterflies all over the building and had fun practicing the sound the letter "b" makes by beating a drum!  For our Cooking Project, we made Banana Berry Toast! YUM!
We also had some neat Science experiments going on this week!  One glass made a heart with crystals on it!  All of our classrooms watched white flowers change colors throughout the week!
Now it's time to get ready for our Valentine's Day Party.  The children worked hard on making bags for all their Valentine's at their party!
There's no need to even say, but we had a GREAT time at our Valentine's Day Party!  Lots of yummy treats and fun Valentine's from our friends!
Each child took home something they made for their parents to show their love!  These cards and pictures are just so sweet! 
We hope you have a VERY HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!