Friday, May 27, 2016

What's Cooking?

"Hey good lookin', what you got cookin'?"  Spaghetti and Pizza of course!!
Our kiddos had lots of fun with some sensory stations involving cooking!
 The 2 year old class had lots of funny faces and laughs as they did a taste test with the 5 different types of taste!
The Pre-K class did an experiment to show why it's important to eat healthy foods so our stomach isn't filled with gas!
Our children have had so much fun watching our very own garden grow.  During recess, they were checking the garden and harvesting sweet potatoes.
"Q" is for Queen but also allows for some fun painting with Q-tips!

Friday, May 20, 2016


Summer is HERE!!!  We are putting on our shades and getting ready for a fun Summer!
Several of our classes made their own Sun Catchers!
It's not Summer without watermelon!  Our 3 year old class learned some neat facts about watermelon and did a fun sensory activity!
To beat the heat, the kiddos had fun trying to break and melt the ice to get to objects inside!
Even with all the fun, we still have to squeeze in some Math!  Who says Math can't be fun too?!
For our letter of the week, some classrooms did "P is for Pig" while others did "P is for Popcorn".
We hope you have a GREAT Summer!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Under the Sea

Clams, Sea turtles, octopus,and seahorses, OH MY!!! The kiddos had so much fun going "Under the Sea"! The 3`s learned several shark facts like: Sharks don't like the taste of people, skunks,or weasels, and there is proof sharks existed before dinosaurs!!
The twos worked really hard on their special oyster project. They talked about how every shell is different.
"O is for Octopus" that we find in the sea!
Of course we couldn't go "under the sea" without getting our "Beach in a cup". Our kiddos enjoyed eating graham crackers, and jello while telling our teachers things they liked to do at the beach. 
It's be a fun week, exploring the Ocean!