Friday, July 25, 2014

Welcome to the Circus!

It often feels like a circus around here but this week, we are really making it feel like we are at the circus!  The children had a blast this week talking about animals in the circus, clowns, and cotton candy!  There were some of the cutest art projects this week:

To keep cool this summer, the children made popsicles from yogurt for their cooking project this week. 
Even with all the fun at the circus, we still have to focus on our letter of the week.  One classroom made  "Y is Yarn" and put lots of pieces of yarn on the Yellow Y!

To finish of the week, the 3's had their own circus!  They pretended to be different animals in the circus and then played with their streamers!  It looked like a lot of fun!

Friday, July 18, 2014

You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!!!

Who doesn't love Ice Cream?!  We are getting ready for National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, July 20th!  Our mouth is watering our week as we talk about the tasty treat!  Of course, we had some fun art projects!

How fun is this banana split?!
The 3 year olds voted on their favorite ice cream flavor and then made a graph to show the results.  Looks like vanilla was a big hit!

Our cooking project this week is one of my absolute favorites!  The children got to make their own homemade ice cream in a bag!  It is so fun and absolutely delicious!
Pouring in the ingredients.
Time to shake like crazy!
Be sure to get out this Sunday and enjoy some Ice Cream! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Aloha! Welcome to the Luau!

We're off to Hawaii this week!!!  The children have had so much fun pretending to be at the beach everyday!  We've talked about flowers we might see in Hawaii, pineapple, and of course the sand and water!

Our number of the week was 7 so the 2 year olds put 7 fingerprints on the 7 to turn into pineapples!

The 3's did a fun activity where they took cereal and crushed it to make sand!
We ended the week with a Water Play Day!  The kiddos had so much fun playing in the baby pool and sprinkler!

Yummy popsicles to stay cool in heat!
Two of our teachers were quite festival on Friday for the Luau in their classroom!   They look like naturals, don't they?!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

3 Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue!!!

USA! USA! USA!  It's all red, white, and blue this week!  We are getting ready for a Happy 4th of July!  The children have been making their own fireworks, American flags, hats, and shakers.  With all this beautiful artwork, we are all set for our school-wide parade!
Some of our classes did a fun science experiment with milk and food coloring to make it look like fireworks!  It was hard to get a good picture with all the action!
Now it's time for our parade!  The children had so much fun marching up and down the hall to some patriotic music!
With all this fun, we still have to focus on our curriculum!  We made "t is for turtle" for our letter of the week!
 We hope you have a very Happy 4th of July!  Enjoy your time with family and friends!