Friday, September 26, 2014

An Apple a day....

This week we are getting ready to celebrate Johnny Appleseed's birthday on Friday!  We've had so many fun art projects going on throughout the school!  Pretty much every activity this week has involved an apple in some kind of way!  Take a look at all the creativity and fun!
apple stamping preschool
Making our very own Mini Apple Pies!

fine motor Sunflower Station
We love when an art project incorporates another fine motor skill- lacing!

apple graph huntsville
Such a cute way to chart their favorite apples!
Apple bowling WITH paint- how fun!
Apple Pie Sensory Bin- yum!
After coloring their apples, they had to put together the pieces, like a puzzle!
We even had some fun with our letter of the week!  Some classrooms did "H is for House" while others did "H is for Horse"!

Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed!!!

Releasing our Butterflies

We have so enjoyed observing the life cycle of a butterfly over the last few weeks.  Each classroom had about 4 caterpillars to watch as they ate and became big caterpillars.  Then, they crawled to the top of the container to make their J-shape and eventually formed their chrysalis.  Once all the caterpillars had formed their chrysalis, we moved them into our butterfly net in the lobby and patiently waited for our butterflies to appear!  Fortunately, all of our caterpillars turned into butterflies and now comes the fun part of letting them go!  Take a look at all the fun:
butterfly release sunflower station
release in Huntsville
Several of the children got a chance to hold a butterfly before it took flight!
butterflies preschool
Watching a butterfly fly away!
This face pretty much sums it up!  What a fun and neat experience!

Friday, September 19, 2014


It's a DINO-mite week here at Sunflower Station Preschool!  We always look forward to this week because the children have so much fun using their imagination as we study dinosaurs!  The children has lots of fun with art projects this week!
preschool art

daycare Huntsville
The children enjoyed pretending to be Paleontologists as they dug for fossils!  Several classrooms also made their very own fossils!
Our color of the week is purple so of course we have some purple dinosaurs!  There were also lots of activities with the letter this week!  "G" is for grapes, gumballs, giraffes, gold, and GLITTER!!!

Sunflower Station Preschool
It was so fun to hear the children ROARING and looking for dinosaurs on the playground!  We had a blast pretending this week! 

Friday, September 12, 2014


Butterflies, butterflies...everywhere!!!  Wow, what a fun week filled with some of the cutest art projects!  I've never seen butterfly art done in so many different ways.
daycares in huntsville, al
daycare in Huntsville, ALSunflower Station Preschool Art Project Butterflies at Sunflower Station Preschool
 Learning is so much fun when we can incorporate math into an art project!  The children talked about symmetry with butterflies and patterns with caterpillars.
 After readying "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", the children made a delicious dip to eat with their fruit for an afternoon snack.  Since our letter of the week is "F", it was the perfect cooking project!
 The 2 year olds had fun with making a Feathery Fish and all of the classes made "F is for Fox"!
 At the end of the week, our caterpillars came in!  Now that we have learned all about butterflies and their life cycle, we will get to observe the caterpillars for the next few weeks!

Friday, September 5, 2014

My Family

This week we are talking about our families and the important people that make them up.  We have enjoyed learning about each others family members, especially the Grandparents!  Throughout the week, the children have been working on making a special gift for the Grandparents.  For the cooking project, the children made Granola Bars to enjoy with their grandparents on Friday.

We've also had fun learning about the letter "E".  Some classrooms made "E is for Elephant" while others made "E is for Eagle".
 On Friday, we invited all our Grandparents to join us for Granola Bars with Grandparents!  It was such a special time to honor these important people in the children's lives.
 We hope all of the Grandparents have a Happy Grandparents' Day on Sunday!!!