Friday, October 31, 2014

Pumpkin, Bats, and More!

Pumpkins, Bats, and Spiders- OH MY!  This week we are having some fun exploring pumpkins and learning about some "spooky" things!  Several classrooms got messy scooping out the inside of their pumpkin!  Some of our little ones loved it while others weren't so sure about it! 

For a Math activity, this class counted out pumpkin seeds to put on their paper pumpkin.
 We also had fun with lots of Pumpkin art projects!

childcare Huntsville

Even though we run from spiders, they are still fun to talk about!  The teachers planned several unique art activities for the children to do to make spiders and their webs!
Here's a few more of the fun activities we did to go along with our theme:
Making a "ghost" by blowing up the balloon (without air) as a science experiment!
Our letter of the week is "M".  Several classrooms did "M is for Mouse" but one classroom stuck with our theme and did "M is for Monsters".  They look like nice monsters, don't they?!
We also enjoyed Monkey Bread for our cooking project!  Some of our little ones couldn't get enough!
The children so enjoyed Mrs. Renee getting into the spirit and dressing up!  They especially loved her witch laugh!
We wrapped up the week on Friday with Pumpkin Rotations in the morning where the children move from class to class and do a different activity in each room.  We had our Pumpkin Party that afternoon!  Check out all our fun:
   Pumpkin Party Sunflower Station
 Pumpkin Party preschool
  Pumpkin Party Huntsville

Friday, October 24, 2014

Health and Nutrition

Before we enjoy all the candy and treats next week, it's time to learn about how to stay healthy!  The children learned about foods that are good for us and those that we should only enjoy every now and then.  They talked about the food pyramid and how many servings of each food group they should have each day.  They even did a fun art project to better understand what items should be on their plate for each meal.  One classroom sorted food by colors!
 Health & Nutrition Sunflower Station
Washing the vegetables and lacing noodles!
We also talked about germs and how we have to be sure to wash her hands often and cover our mouth when we cough or sneeze.  The Toddler's did a fun science activity where they pretended glitter was germs and then shook hands with the other children to see how easily germs can spread.
science activity germs huntsville
Our letter of the week is "L" so the children made "L is for Lion" and one classroom made Lollipops! 
 L is for Lion preschool

Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

The seasons are changing and we're getting ready for Fall!  One classroom made a tree with their handprints as the beautiful leaves.  We always have fun painting with things other than a paint brush so the Toddlers used a dish brush to make leaves!
fall tree daycare
Leaf People!  Don't they look like they are dancing?!
 It isn't Fall without scarecrows!  Several classrooms made Shape Scarecrows and they were all too cute to not share!
How precious is this?!
Scarecrows Sunflower Station
The 3 year old classroom made their own scarecrows!  They are on our front porch so be sure to check them out!
Our letter of the week is "K" and we had lots of fun learning about it!  We made kites, kangaroos, and Kicky Kangaroo's Kabobs for our cooking project!
letter K childcare
Fall is all about pumpkins too!  One classroom started the introduction to pumpkins with Pumpkin Gak.  It was supposed to be orange but we had to have a slight change in plans!  Still just as much fun though!!!