Friday, August 18, 2017

My Body

This week we learned about our bodies.  We talked about our body parts and even had fun singing "Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes" and "The Hokey Pokey"!  The children also learned about the importance of taking care of their bodies.  We discussed our 5 senses and did some neat activities to go along!  One classroom put different spices in their paint so that once their artwork dried, they could use their nose to smell the spices!  We also had fun talking about the different ways we use our senses!  The children's answers were so cute and funny!
 Of course, the week isn't complete without talking about our letter of the week "C"!  We had lots of cute caterpillars throughout the building!  Pre-K did a great job with coming up with words that start with "C"!

Friday, August 11, 2017

All About Me

Since we have new friends in our classrooms, we are taking this week to tell each other about ourselves!  We are also learning how special and unique each of us are!  The children compared their hand prints and fingerprints to see how similar but different they are.  They also had fun guessing who the picture of eyes belong to, comparing their heights, and sharing about their families.
We also had lots of fun with our letter of the week- "B"!  From making "B is for Bee", to thinking of words that start with the letter, trying to create our own Brooklyn Bridge, and making Banana Bread for our cooking project!  The Banana Bread was a huge hit!!!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Back to School

It's Back to School we go!  We are already missing our kiddos we sent off to Kindergarten but at the same time, we are excited to have some new kiddos joining our Sunflower Station family!  This week, we are focusing on meeting our new friends, getting to know our teachers, and learning all about our new classrooms.  The teachers have done a fabulous job getting their classrooms ready! 
We've also had a lot of fun with our letter of the week- "A"!  For our cooking project, we made a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom snack since we are kicking off going through the alphabet, one letter a week!  We had a great first week of school and are excited for our new school year!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Stop, Drop, & Roll!

It's all about Fire Safety this week!  The children have learned about "Stop, Drop & Roll", dialing 911 in case of an emergency, how to crawl if their is smoke, the dangers of fire, having a meeting spot, etc.  We even had some fun with some Sparky the Fire Dog crafts!  We made a yummy and fun snack by creating our own fire engine!  But, of course, the best part of the week was our special visitors on Friday!  We were so lucky to have some firefighters come talk with us about Fire Safety and they even let us check out the fire truck!